>Pictorial – Jan 2-9 – Getting Into the Groove of 2011

9 Jan


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It was a slow start to the New Year – a nagging sinus infection kept me close to the CT Home Office but it wasn’t a total wash.
The highlight – we’re fostering a baby – a 6 month old Cairn Terrier, named Jacqueline [“Jackie-O” in our house, in honor of said fashion icon]. It’s COOOLD out here in the Country so a shopping trip was required to beef up her collection of winter sweaters. Saturday, after much discussion about whether pink or green would be best, we compromised – on a pink and green sweater with a large embroidered strawberry on the back.
It was also a week to see what new fashion books there are out there. After a trip to Borders’ Book Store in Stamford, it seems the pickings as far as fashion books go is slim. The notable exception was the self-titled coffee table beauty, Tom Munro, with the introduction by Madonna and a gorgeous black and white image of Madge on the cover warrants further investigation. Another book to look at is Locals Only, with a great cover of two quintessential Cali Girls – all real, no lipo. Must have been what the Beach Boys were crooning about in all those early songs of theirs.
We made the obligatory trip to the mall, stopping-into Forever21 and Charlotte Russe, just to see how desperate retailers are in January. I bought a joke-riff pair of purple knit Ugg-style slipper boots at Charlotte Russe for $5. NO, it’s NOT a typo – Five Dollars.
Last but not least, I continued my on-going investigation into how to get the most durable AND hassle-free nails currently available. This HUnt started in Orlando, when bored, I hopped into my rented Sebring convertible and went to the nearest nail salon. Once there, I quizzed the nail tech on the various options – gel or acrylic. We decided on a full set of acrylics for $30 and I was one happy camper for 4 days.
After the initial honeymoon period, the ugly regrowth bump emerged and I got a poor set of fills at the local CT mall which set me back $30.
Disillusioned, I paid $15 to have them take off after an unsuccessful 3 day attempt to soak them off at home. The removal process was the nail tech drilling-through the acrylic and then removing the left-overs with a Metro Card. No kidding, really! He managed not to hurt me. Once I arrived home, I applied a coat of Sally Hansen’s Gel. The alternative is to pay $42 at the Adam Broderick Salon for professionals to apply the CND [Creative Nail Design] gel – mixed with a nail color] on me for $42. For now, the cheapie at-home experiment continues. Results in – sometime next week.

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