>Harney and Sons – A lesson on Tea Making With Michael Harney

7 Jan


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Our winter trip to visit friends in Lakeville, CT ended up with a stroll through Millerton, NY, just off Route 22. My primary target destination was 15,000sq.ft. Millerton Antiques Center, where I hoped to find a piece of 1920’s or Thirties’ gold jewelry to take home at a nice price. After nearly an hour, a victory! I left with a sapphire channel eternity band set in 18K gold for $80 with a few missing baguettes, which I will not replace, as I like ring’s antique look, as is.
After a successful HUnt, I was open to Sandy’s suggestion that we visit Harney & Sons, a little further down the road. Part of the motivation was the possibility that I might sight Keira Sedgewick, who’s apparently a regular there. [She was not there]. In we went, me clutching the remainder of my cafe latte from the Irving Farm Coffee House.
I was most decidedly not a tea lover before walking in that day. Meeting Michael Harney changed all that. The charismatic founder of Harney & Sons was making a rare personal appearance at the store and graciously talked about tea, how to brew it and why his are so wonderful in our short video interview below.
Although my visit to Millerton was on THe HUnt schedule, I wasn’t expecting to shoot an interview that day, so I only had my Blackberry on me – sorry for the shaky vid!
Sandy introduced us and I tried unsuccessfully to hide my coffee cup as I was now officially in the land of fine teas.

Michael showed us and let us sniff various blends, some so delicious that people have been known to use them as potpourri.

After the tutorial he gave us on how to brew “a perfect cuppa“, I dallied over the adorable Union Jack tea mugs and finally bought a travel tin of the Holiday Tea. Now that I know better, I’m hopping online to buy a full size tin as the travel one didn’t even last me a long weekend away in Orlando.
I have a feeling that the Harney’s in Soho at 433 Broome Street will be one of my main watering holes over the upcoming NYFW.
Keep up with the super busy Michael Harney and learn some more about some really great teas at www.harney.com

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