>The END of THis HUnt- Happy New Year!

1 Jan


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Cheers and HAppy New Year!
It’s getting on to noon, January 1, 2011. The snow is piled-up outside the French window of my home office, Sylvester is playing “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real” on the ipod, my new Rigaud Cypress Candle is burning, and we’re going to see TRUE GRIT, because I got swept away by the editorial in the January issue of W mag.
The HUnt to accessorize my evening ensemble [L.A. Schulman, White Plains NY – on the label] ended well, as at the 11 1/2 hour I found an acceptable shoe at DSW yesterday, around 2p.m., a mere 5 hours before we were due to arrive at the party.
The gold satin peep toe sling back by Nina I settled on at DSW was a bargain $49 minus 30% and the heel was just high enough for the rolled hem of the vintage gown to avoid dragging and acting as a broom.

In the end, when in came to the hair and makeup, I mixed and matched the advice of B. Michael [slicked-back hair], Erin Simmons [black eyeliner] and the friendly MAC Cosmetics Girl “Girl About Town” MAC Cosmetics lipstick.

New Year = New HUnts
All of this vintage activity has me reenergized to resume my studies of two women who currently fascinate me: Wallis Simpson and Anita Pallenberg. After a rushed pre-New Year’s Eve chat with gal pal Theodora Brack, the Paris Correspondent of www.eurocheapo.com, we both promised each other we’d hop onto www.amazon.com and buy “The Darkness of Wallis Simpson”

by Rose Tremain and compare notes in late Jan.

It’s a new year now and THe HUnt resumes, this time with a focus on What Will I Wear for the 7-10 Days of New York Fashion Week?
WHAT merits being packed into the small rolling suitcase I’m limiting myself to.
The black Valentino top I found three days ago at The Fashion Exchange is calling my name….

Shopping Information
Dress – McGeorgie’s Antiques & Consignments
Tel: 203-270-9101

The Fashion Exchange
tel: 203-791-9002


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