>The Betsey Johnson s/s2011 Collection

1 Oct


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3D is de rigueur now since Alice in Wonderland hit the theaters earlier this year as is live streaming your show on your website as Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson did. So is showing a film pre-show as at Daniel Vosovic, Elena Cassis, and most controversially, Gareth Pugh’s 11+ minute films in Paris. Mr. Pugh’s film pre-show, and she loved the pink ballerina style gown Betsey made just for her, to wear to the show.

The company may be deeply awash in red ink, if reports are to be believed, but Betsey’s putting on a brave face and celebrating life just the same, refusing to sink into the doldrums. Maybe that’s the best attitude the rest of us can take when it comes to dealing with this deep recession we’re in. One good way to banish the blues is to put on one of Betsey’s colorful frocks, apply some eye shadow in a color you normally wouldn’t dare wear, and go out for a bike ride, leaving it all behind for a few hours. Why NOT wear the big poufy gauze poodle dresses and wrist corsages, even if it’s not prom?


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