>The Farah Angsana and Mara Hoffman s/s2011 Collections

22 Sep

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In the last few seasons that FARAH ANGSANA has been showing at NYFW, she has evolved into an eveningwear designer to be reckoned with.

I’ve been following Farah since the days when she and Kevan Hall were the star attractions at MBFW [Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week] LA. With the right Public Relations Firm, Paul Wilmot, at her side, Farah’s realizing her potential. Now that she’s got the right representation behind her, she continues to hone her craft while staying true to her signature look, which she told me post-show
is also her mantra, ” sexy, elegant, NEVER vulgar”.

Like nearly every designer out there, she’s got an eye on producing some Red Carpet looks, but she’s also got some great day looks for the soigné woman who as Tom Ford pointed-out, is willing to put time and energy into looking great.

Farah had lots of cocktail looks to choose from. There was a gorgeous pink and green chiffon print that’s stunning, in both the long and short versions. The Red carpet bid came when she showed the gold lame Oscar statuette gown.
My favorite though, was the finale mini dress I’d like to see the likes of Natalie Portman or Carrie Mulligan in. The green draped silk chiffon Kebaya mini dress embroidered with gold thread and Swarovski crystals was a feat of craftsmanship, and earned her a well-deserved round of applause.

I then shifted gears from an evening wear mind set to day wear, and went a few miles South, down to Pier 59, to go see what one of my favorite daywear and swim designers, MARA HOFFMAN, had in store for s/s2011. While Farah clearly designs with the Red Carpet in mind, Mara Hoffman’s demographic is something entirely different. You see a diversity of stars as different as Jennifer Lopez
and Lauren Conrad,
rocking their respective Mara Hoffmans, but even more importantly, you see a lot of non-celebs wearing it too.
The true barometer of a brand’s success is if the question, “are people (other than the models, celebrities and public relations team) wearing it?” Looking around the crowded presentation space, I glimpsed over a dozen cool women, some tall, some short, wearing Mara Hoffman. They weren’t celebrities who were paid to attend and to wear Mara Hoffman. They were real women wearing these clothes because they love how they look in them.

Upon entering the Pier 59 space, we were treated to vacation-themed vignettes
complete with calypso music, palm trees and Mara’s bright batik prints. It’s tricky to design a good print, and Mara’s one of the best when it comes to creating a winning print. As ‘Ari’ of Entourage is won’t to say, “it’s all good”.
I fixated on the stunning red batik print.
Wanna wanna! I left, mentally planning-out how I’d coordinate that piece with other items in my wardrobe for my spring break trip to the Mexican Riviera post the fall 2011 NY shows.

To view the gallery of looks from the Farah Angasana s/s2011 show, visit www.exposay.com

2 Responses to “>The Farah Angsana and Mara Hoffman s/s2011 Collections”

  1. Lady Bouvier September 23, 2010 at 3:11 am #

    >The collection presented an array of shiny, drapey silks in golds and silvers, the likes of which you’d expect on Debra Messing landing at the Globes, lots of fabulously embellished nude Capri-corset suits that would be more at home on a Gwen Stefani or a Scarletty-Scar; some pastelly daytime cocktail numbers for Barbara Bush Jr. and her Jenna twin.http://scallywagandvagabond.com/2010/09/farah-angsana-springsummer-2011-collection/2/

  2. Filippo Matera September 27, 2010 at 5:07 pm #

    >A chic collection ,with actually fit and great colours 's nuances,MY COMPLIMENTS : I LIKE IT.

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