>The New & Improved Tents at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week & Celebrity Sighting- Heidi Klum

10 Sep

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Welcome to the new and improved NY Fashion Week. A big “thank you” to CFDA/Vogue/IMG for pulling the Lincoln Center Project together. Initially, I balked at the idea of going to the Upper West Side, away from my Bryant Park and Meat Packing comfort zone. All of that went out the window yesterday, on my first full day of doing the MBFW shows.
On entering, I was agog at how upscale the environment was, and was won-over after hitting the well-equipped media pit equipped with [gasp!] plenty of ethernet cables.Better still, good-bye crashers, thanks to the new Fashion GPS system, in which Citadel’s Guards scan your ticket before you’re allowed into the show venue.

It truly IS “NO TICKIE NO LAUNDRY as the guys on ‘Seinfeld’ quipped so famously, years ago. Once I got over the feeling that I was in the first class lounge [a very large one], I was fully on board.

It got better.After nibbling on a few crudites in the MERCEDES BENZ STAR LOUNGE, I felt human again. The lounge is decorated with IMAN’s flocked black and white wallpaper and a panel of peacock feathers that made me feel as if I were sitting in one of the courtyards of the ALHAMBRA Palace in Seville, Spain, rather than in one of the busiest places in Manhattan.
The biggest problem about fashion week is food, or a lack thereof. Even supermodels get the munchies, and voila! PROJECT RUNWAY’s HEIDI KLUM dashed-out of the show venue with a bag of barbeque POP-CHIPS, in her hand. Before you start snickering at her weakness, think again. POP CHIPS are all-natural and guilt free.
I haven’t had any solid food yet, so I’m shutting-down and grabbing a bag – BBQ flavored, of course.

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