>The Sinister s/s2011 Collection- Costume or Couture?

9 Sep


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On the way to the BB DAKOTA Party, we had a heated debate about the merits of the SINISTER collection.

The long wait outside the art gallery was worth it, when it came to the ambiance. There was a continuous stream of green gas floating around and a gas mask [minus the cartridge] in our Chinese style takeout structures.

MAYBE it could play as “steam punk”, as in the movie, ‘Wild Wild West”. Remember Vera’s award winning ‘Deadwood’ Collection? Vera stepped out of her comfort zone and produced a drapey, moody collection that set the tone for collections to come. The angles of the asymmetry just didn’t come together in this instance though at Sinister, and I was distracted by the bamboo hoop-skirt on one outfit wondering how the poor girls wearing it could ever manage to sit down. This collection was costumy and arty. Wearable? Sorry, it was not.

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