>MARA HOFFMAN’s SWIM & RESORT – Upscale Grooviness at the Raleigh

2 Aug


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Images, Courtesy of Edward James, www.fashionwatch.com

The after-show chatter about Mara Hoffman’s show was that it was “like an acid trip, but a good one”. Having never dropped acid, I really can’t weight-in on that. What I can say is that this is a designer who just gets stronger each and every season.
This season, Ms. Hoffman’s muse went on a mystical journey through the jungle. There were a variety of new silhouettes and several new eye-catching and ethnic inspired, bold and colorful prints. There were of course the beautiful batik prints that Mara’s known for. An interesting twist was Hoffman’s partnering with Alternative Apparel, who are known for their vintage soft tees and basics, for a special mini-collaboration for the show.

The soft baseball tee I went home with is the perfect fusion of all-American tee and the funky, arty vibe Mara’s known for. I’ve gotten more than a few compliments on my unicorn baseball tee, from a few of the girls at Miami International TSA, no less.
Going back to the show, aside from the spectacular color combinations, I wish I had the long hair to be able to replicate the messy braid created by the TRESSemme team.

To learn more about Mara Hoffman and to shop, visit www.marahoffman.com
Mara Hoffman is also available at www.revolveclothing.com

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