>The White Sands Australia Swim and Resort 2011 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Week

25 Jul


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It was strangely quiet pre-show up at the Raleigh Penthouse. Australian designer, Leah Madden, wanted it this way. By showing in the Penthouse, she hoped to achieve a more intimate feeling, as opposed to last season when she did a runway show in the Cabana Grande. Leah led us backstage pre show where she cheerfully resolved last minute fitting conflicts. A conflict in this world, is a model complaining that even with her “chicken cutlets” Ie: rubber breast enhancers, she didn’t’ fill-out the suit she was supposed to wear. Even beautiful 5’11” size zero Russian models have body issues.
Turning away from the models for a moment, Leah said, “I’m doing so much resort that it has it has to be practical and wearable to and from the pool but also glamorous. It’s all lightweight 100% silk. For a dress I try to keep it under $300,and swimsuits under $200.”

The first grouping was a bit somber for beach – a black + rose print but she hit her stride with a well-constructed black strapless suit and a peacock print on a butter yellow background. Heather Taylor, the owner of A TROPICAL AFFAIR, a Santa Barbara boutique, pronounced the black high -waisted 2-piece suit “smoking hot” -for the right customer. One thing was for sure; the New York photographers were having fun at this show calling out directions, getting in fine form for the Beach Bunny – Kardashian media circus slated to take place just after White Sands.

The White Sands collection is available in LA Boutiques and on line at www.whitesandsaustralia.com

High-end Lingerie and Bikinis available at www.atropicalaffair.com

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