>Films – "The Runaways" – A Candid Glimpse Into the Early Joan Jett Days

23 Jul


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Last night was that kind of night David Bowie famously sang about, ” I don’t want to stay in, I don’t want to go out…Modern Love”.
I elected to stay in and finally watch “THE RUNAWAYS”, starring KRISTEN STEWART and DAKOTA FANNING. Yes, they WERE both great in the Twi-series, but there’s more to these girls than hanging-out with vampires and werewolves. Kristen was totally believable as the tougher than tough JOAN JETT [who I mistakenly thought was originally from Long Island]. DAKOTA FANNING played the band’s reluctant sex pot, CHERIE, to a tee. The hair, makeup and costume team got it right too, and even if you’re not into girl punk bands, if you love fashion, you’ll appreciate the visuals.
The best part – when the Japanese school girls actually broke the glass of the green room where the girls were relaxing pre-show and swarmed in like a bunch of hornets.
A close second – when Joan comes-up with the lyrics and music to “I Love Rock And Roll”.
See it – rent it at your local RedBox kiosk.


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