>And a Toast – To “the Family”!

18 Jul


I’m a veteran of the fashion industry, and proud of it. It really struck me just HOW LONG I’ve been in this business while hanging out with “the Family” [no, not the Cosa Nostra/Soprano one]. The family I’m referring to is the loosely linked group of mostly New York-based editors and photographers who cover fashion in New York and cities such as Miami, LA, Toronto, and Europe.
Here’s the thing, it’s not easy to break into the family, and some never do. Once you’re in though, you know you’ll be taken care of. Over the years, thanks to them, I’ve been able to gain access to shows and backstage I was confirmed for and yet denied access once I arrived. As chaos at the door is a given, there’s nothing that beats the feeling when a friend steps up for you and says to the overwhelmed PR’s “ She’s with me”. Runway photo King and Queen, Dan and Cory Lecca, have done their stuff for me more times than I can count on two hands over the years. We met while I was PR at Michael Kors, back in the days of “Minimalism”, and we’ve followed one another’s family milestones, the births of children, and grandchildren, ie: the really big stuff.
EDWARD JAMES of FASHION WATCH-TV and my long-time collaborator, Richard Spiegel, [now the Editor of THE FASHION TRIBUNE.com], have both many times used their bulk to propel me forward ahead of rude editors and TV crews trying to cut in front of me for my long-scheduled designer interview– most recently at CUSTO BARCELONA. Ed Kavische, of FASHION WIRE PRESS, and I bonded in the press lounge of a long ago Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, when he offered to help me, a total stranger, figure out a tech problem with my laptop.
Last night, while packing and eating a midnight dinner of Cuban takeout in the room at the Shelborne, with Richard and Edward, Ed remarked, “Vivian, whether you like it or not, we’re family.”
I don’t mind it at all; in fact, I like it – a lot. Thanks guys, and the rest of you, you know who you are. See you in September.


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