>TheFE Reviews Tom Ford’s ‘A Single Man’

13 Jul



The first words that came to my mind while watching this were, ‘haunting and moving’. Ford succeeds in establishing a deep personal connection regardless of your sexual orientation. Sex actually, has to my surprise, very little to do with what’s at the core of this movie. To summarize, COLIN FIRTH, plays the lead character – a man who’ s emotionally adrift once his partner of 16 years suddenly dies.
While he predictably goes down the road of contemplating a few flings with handsome boys 20 years his junior, and even a liaison with his best female friend [JULIANNE MOORE], nothing can replace the big gaping hole in his heart.
In a heart-wrenching twist of fate, on his last day of life, Firth decides to let go of his past, after a moonlight swim with his handsome student. The shocker comes when Firth falls asleep [alone] only to wake-up to die of a heart attack.
I’ll admit I had preconceived notions, namely that this film would be slick and glossy, as Ford himself appears. Perhaps though, that’s just what lays on the surface, and as with the film, there’s much more below the glossy surface image Ford presents to the world.
While I’m still hoping Ford will come back and design for Gucci again, I’m also hoping he’ll continue to make films such as this.


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