>R.SCOTT FRENCH’ s Men’s Relaunch – The Return of American Chang

8 Jul


Images, Scott Punch, Courtesy of Richard Harris Inc.

Designer R. SCOTT FRENCH has been a friend for the past several years, but it’s not just because we’re friends that I’m a fan of his work. He’s primarily a menswear designer and gained attention in the early part of this decade for his AMERICAN CHANG menswear collection. His number was on speed dial with many of the stylists who serviced the Rap and R&B Crowd. He and his phenomenal PR Director, MEREDITH GARCIA, took a hiatus from the mens design world and turned their energies to creating www.THEFASHIONLIST.com, an online service that provides a comprehensive, dynamic industry calendar of events and write-ups of some of the latest fashion trends.

Scott decided to dip his toe back into the menswear market and treated us to a sneak peak of the spring 2011 Richard Harris and American Chang Collections.
As before, Scott’s big on the staples of menswear, crisp blazers and trousers in muted colors made from fine Italian fabrics – a rarily these days. A notable item was a cotton tee-shirt, designing with wrinkled fabric on the front side only.
The inspiration for R.H. and A.C. came from two sources: #1the though of creating the motif of a mushroom cloud from an atom bomb and #2- the Panza exhibit of Dan Flavin’s work with neon lighting in Varese, Italy.
It will be interesting to see how he blends these to together and to what result when he unveils the collections this fall.
Stay tuned.


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