>Lazy Girl Hair – We Love You, Nexxus, Menscience, Hermes & Jones NY!

8 Jul



I won’t make any bones about it – when it comes to hair, I am the ultimate lazy girl. A year ago, I went over to visit Oribe and Zaki at the Oribe Salon in SOBE. When Oribe asked me what we were doing, I replied, “whatever you think will look good and require the very least amount of work.” He laughed and directed a member of the team to cut it really close and really cropped [think Jean Seaberg].
I loved the cut, and it’s smashing on Madonna’s ex-girlfriend? Ingrid Casares. Ingrid can pull it off in her androgynous pant suits, but I’m not longing for this mannish look – a little too Helmut Newton for my sensibilities.

A few months ago, after watching yet another installment of ‘MADMEN’, I decided to embrace retro – when it came to my hair. My goal would be to grow my no-particular style hair into the shape that looks great with a basic set, some teasing and serious hairspray.

To get there, I had ERIN SIMMONS, the owner of the AVEDA SHINE Salon, and an Aveda “Master Stylist” start shaping it in that direction. Amazingly, though there wasn’t very much of my hair on the floor, when she was done, my hair had the right shape. One more inch and a half, and I will have arrived.
In the meantime, it’s all about “pushing the hair into place” and since I refuse to handle a blow dryer, I’ve had to investigate some new products.
Just in time, Kaplow PR contacted me about some new NEXXUS products that would do just this.
Erin and I tried 4 squirts of the clear, slightly sticky VERSASTYLER ARTISTIC DESIGNING LOTION. Like a miracle, it shaped my newly trimmed hair into the shape I wanted.
The key is to let it dry for 15 minutes or so and then brush it with a rubber styling brush. Once done, spray it down with NEXXUS COMB THRU NATURAL HOLD DESIGN AND FINISHING MIST.
Nothing is forever, so yes; it will fall apart in a Bikram yoga class or when you go running. The process is so easy thought, that it’s not a big deal.
Now, if you don’t want to redo the process after a workout, there’s what I’m tagging as “the Hermes/guy option”. The model in the Hermes ad shown merely tied a scarf around her slicked-back hair and she’s ready to go out to dinner. The only styling product you need for this is your man’s MENSCIENCE Androceuticals ‘Styling Pomade’, which you can work though your hair, wet or dry. While Hermes is any fashion –loving girl’s first choice, I’m happy with my Jones of NY scarves. Should they get stained or wet from an unexpected rainstorm, my heart wouldn’t be broken as it would be if my Hermes got wet and the dye ran. Don’t forget the finishing touch, two coats of NAILTINI Nail Lacquer in ‘Bordeaux’ with a coat of SALLY HANSEN Insta Dry, and you’ll look as if you’re off to Capri, ready to jump on a Vespa with a handsome Italian playboy.

For Hermes scarves, visit, www.hermes.com

For Jones of New York scarves, visit www.JNY.com

For Nexxus Salon Hair Care, go to www.nexxus.com

For Menscience products, that are created for men, but borrowed by all the girls, explore www.menscience.com

Nailtini and Sally Hansen are available at Beauty 360 and CVS, respectively. Nailtini polishes are also available on www.QVC.com

To make an appointment with Erin Simmons, go to www.shine-salon.com

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