>The Best of The Art Institute of NY City’s Spring Graduate Fashion Show, "Xposed"

27 Jun


images of the Collection, Elvia Gobbo, Courtesy of R.Scott French, www.thefashionlist.com
Sometimes, being late works in your favor as it did the night of The Art Institute of NY’s Senior Collection Fashion Show. I’ve been teaching online for Academy of Art University for a long time and was curious to see what is coming out of other art schools in the country. I wasn’t able to make it to it to serve as a judge, but I did gather together friends and family to make the trek to the show, a few blocks away from Lucky Strike. We missed the train from Katonah, and as a result, were turned-away by the security guard at the door because the show was already in progress.
Things took a positive turn post show, when we pushed our way in, found friend and Art Institute Instructor, R. Scott French, who introduced us to Galan Mitas. She’s the student designer the judges concurred had the strongest showing in the class.. While it’s great to see the show and to feel the energy that’s there [or not], that doesn’t hold a candle to meeting the designer and having a one-on-one conversation. I got to spend a few minutes with Galan and to touch the pieces. Galan drew her inspiration for this micro collection from a medieval coats of armor she admired on a recent trip to the MET’s medieval armor room. The result was a leather-shopping trip in which she splurged on the softest, most pliable leather she could find. The fawn colored leather pieces – bustier and sharp shouldered jacket that reminded me of Thierry Mugler at his best. Scott, Robert DiMauro and I agreed that Galan has a lot of promise. While she’s not giving up her day job, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of her designs hanging on the racks of specialty stores in a few years.

*Elvia is a remarkable person, and we were fascinated by her account of the trek she made up the legendary Macchu Piccu with a group of fellow photo journalists. To read more about Elvia, who is also a trend forecaster and designer, visit, www.followgobbo.com

Academy of Art University will be showing the best of the graduate student collections at Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week in September. To view past collections, visit www.academyart.edu


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  1. cfwst3 July 1, 2010 at 7:28 pm #

    >Its Galyn….not Galan

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