>Summertime is Dress Time – Taylor Swift Shines in Contrarian’s

22 Jun


Country music is my least favorite form of music. That said, I DO care about what the female crooners are wearing and have some suggestions. Top of the list are TAYLOR SWIFT and MILEY CYRUS. It all started with an image Deanna of Industry Publicity sent me regarding the CONTRARIAN label, of TAYLOR SWIFT in one of their dresses. Here stylist, SANDI SPIKA is doing a wonderful job of shifting the perception that country music stars only dress in cheesy fringe outfits accessorized by cowboy boots. We’ve come a long way baby, since the days of Dolly Parton.
I wondered why other young starlets, namely Miley, still look down market. I’m not talking about the Red Carpet; I’m talking about everyday dressing. A dress’ best quality is that it’s EASY. There’s NOTHING to ponder. As DIANE VON [FURSTENBERG] famously said, “You just put it on and go.” It turns out, [watch the video] that Taylor loves dresses and fesses up to owning, “probably over 100 sundresses”.

Every woman can use a good dress though, especially one that’s well under $500.

Contrarian offers two versatile summer dresses from the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. The first, a white adjustable one, can be worn several ways, as the adjustable drawstrings can create a dramatic bushel skirt, or when loosened, fall elegantly at your side. The second, a purple bibb dress has a sexy backless look with a plunging neckline. Dress it up as Taylor Swift did when she wore it to the Brooks and Dunn Concert on April 19th.
I’d love to see Miley in some Contrarian dresses, soon.

*White dress – $378
Purple dress – $450
To view more designs, visit www.contrariannewyork.com


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