>The Douglas Hannnant Resort Show, Inspired by Slim Aarons’ Kaufman House

20 Jun


Images of the Resort Collection, Courtesy of Douglas Hannant
As I settled into my seat in the blogger section [3rd row, section B] I read Douglas’ inspiration message and I too, was inspired.
“Think Palm Springs California in its heyday and its sleek mid-century modern linear architecture…the paintings of the abstract expressionist…a pool party right out of the Slim Aarons photograph of Neutra’s famed Kaufman House. Cocktails anyone?”

Once the show kicked-off I kept an eye out for the above referenced ABSTRACT IMPRESSIONISM. There it was, in a white paillette beach bag with a black paillette Greek key motif splashed across it. – brilliant. Also relevant to the theme were the white/black splattered cocktail dresses. I loved the flow and ease of these draped pieces, black and white is forever elegant.
If you prefer structure, you can wear the black and white, but as a sequin column gown with the same Greek Key motif as the beach bag.
Next, came the midcentury part, covered by sharp little pink, turquoise and mint jackets and dresses. “That Girl” came to mind, well, if she blew her month’s salary as a secretary and splurged on that one special dress.

My favorite moment came when Sonia walked out in a white organza ruffle top worn over a white pique flared trouser. It is with items such as these that Douglas really shines. There was woman sitting front row who wore another of Dogulas’ looks from a previous collection, accessorized with a wide brimmed hat. That woman, in her white pleated pantsuit stole the show. While the arty dresses are interesting, and I love the color orange, it’s pieces such as these deceptively simple ones that make Douglas a Class A fashion designer.
Soniia’s top and pant would have looked perfect on icon LIZ TAYLOR, when she was at the height of her berauty, as she appeared on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair., on set while shooting ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ in 1959. THIS outfit is what Liz would have worn to a cocktail party at the Kaufman House.

See you poolside, five or sixish – cheers!


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