>Gold Strike! Oribe’s Gold Pomade, at the Anthony Leonard Salon, NYC

19 Jun


I’ve had a hard time finding the right styling products to give me the
Retro “Lady Day” style I’m obsessed with. I’ve been in the grips of this particular obsession for nearly an entire year now.
This current obsession started with a black and white page I ripped-out of W Magazine, from the December 2009 issue, entitled, “The Power and the Gloria” [p. 66]. About six months later, the flame was stoked by the “Lady Day” Vogue shoot in the June 2010 issue of US Vogue STEVEN MEISEL shot, featuring AMBER VALETTA.
Since I don’t have Oribe or one of his boys living with me, I’ve had to do some research to try to achieve that coif.
Last Saturday, I met ERIN, the owner of the Shine/AVEDA Salon, here in Ridgefield. Erin’s a like-minded soul and to my gratification, oohed and ahhed at the images of Babe Paley and Gloria Guinness, circa 1966, I showed her the pics I had of Babe, from the forties through the sixties.
I’ve got to grow the sides out a bit, but in the meantime, I can get pretty close by using Aveda’s phytomollient styling foam with honey mousse.
Erin said it would dry matte, but alone, it wasn’t enough.
The look it turns-out, is a 3-step process – if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to mess with curling irons and blow dryers.
The SECOND STEP I discovered while visiting Anthony Palermo at the ANTHONY LEONARD SALON. I HAD to try ORIBE’s newly reformulated WAX. The gold wasn’t open, so I rubbed a pinky nail’s worth of the clear into my palms and worked it through my hair. It smells like candy, but EXPENSIVE candy – delicious. The silver container is a keeper as well. As we were saying to packaging guru BROOKE BAXTER, 90% of the sell really happens if you fall in love with the packaging. The gold wax wasn’t open for testing, but I know that the SILVER will soon be released, so for now, it’s just a waiting game. As soon ORIBE releases the silver or platinum wax, I’ll plunk my money down on the counter and buy. In the meantime, you can buy the clear and gold pomades at the Anthony Leonard Salon.
The LAST and THIRD step I discovered in the hair tool aisle at CVS. I got the idea to buy the GOODY jumbo size hair rollers and clips after looking yet again at the VAN ALEXANDRA shoot Anthony P. did the hair for. He got beer can volume, I was happy with the 3” rollers.
The whole thing takes under 15 minutes to do, and it’s only that long because you have to give the rollers some time to set.
The finishing touch is getting to wash all the goo off with MICHELE DESIGN WORKS Liquid Hand Soap and to rub in some AVEDA hand relief revitalizing vitamin formula on. Can you say, “Ahhh”?



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