18 Jun


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I’m a Cancer, and as such, by nature, love to “chill-ax” at home. I’m always looking for items that make my little pink and green office/fortress even cushier.
While on a mindless jaunt through Wilton, CT’s TJ Maxx, I discovered
MICHEL Design Works Candles and Home Goods.
Admittedly, when I strolled in, I didn’t have anything as noble as reducing my carbon footprint on my mind – sorry! True – the candles [no ‘Palm Beach’ here] are all natural, of 100% soy wax, which is non-toxic and biodegradable, and clean-burning – all a plus.

What REALLY grabbed me was the presentation: an aqua, pink and green cardboard container, the incredible scent, and the name: ‘Palm Beach’.I
I snapped-up the liquid hand soap and passed on the 6-pack of hand-milled guest soaps. What I was really after was the mega-sized candle. Although I liked ‘Hamptons’, I was bent on getting ‘Palm Beach’. Maybe in 2011, we’ll be able to spring for long weekend at THE BREAKERS, OR I’ll be the winner of the Breakers’ GiveAwaycontest Lilly Pulitzer periodically runs on their website, www.lillypulitzer.com.
24 hours later, score – I hit the jackpot at TJ’s Brookfield location and walked-off with the mega-size ‘Palm Beach’ candle.
The bad news is that ‘Palm Beach’ is no longer available on the official website, www.micheldesignworks.com, but the good news is better. Creator, Deborah Michel, now has many new scents to entice us, drawn from the good things in life: …” Collected shells picked up during a shore vacation, a scrap of fabric from a Sunday flea market—objects filled with a sense of history, belonging, and possibility.”
These delicious memories translate into candles with names such as: ‘Beach’, ‘Botanica’, and ‘Comfort and Joy’, to name just a few.
*Botanica will be available July 15th.

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