>BE WORLD CUP- Ready: Havaiana Limited Edition World Team Flip Flops

6 Jun



While most of us aren’t lucky enough to participate in the spectacle called the WORLD CUP, we can watch from the comfort of our couch and wear HAVAIANA FLIP FLOPS that have our favorite team’s logo on them.
This is a much more interesting idea [and more subtle] than running around town in a – yuk – nylon team jersey.

Havaianas made it on my radar screen as they used to be a big presence/big-time sponsor at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, down in Miami. They really ARE more comfortable than the average 99cent store flip flop you buy after getting an x-press pedi at the local Korean Nail Salon.

The comfort factor is due to “a top-secret rubber recipe created by Sao Paulo Alpargatas S.A. This highly guarded recipe makes the sandals soft as marshmallows, light and highly durable.” While they don’t provide any arch support, like Birkinstocks, Havaianas are a blessing after a day on your feet.

I ordered a pair for my husband, who won’t be going to South Africa, but can do the next best thing – cheer with his fellow soccer coaches, while watching the games on a huge flat screen TV at the Club, wearing his custom made Netherland Havaianas.
To order, visit www.havaianas.com

P.S. – If you’re a soccer fan, no matter, WHO you’re rooting for, “Maradona, The Golden Kid” is a must-see. Currently available at www.blockbuster.com

PPPS: If you’re stumped re: a Father’s Day Gift, the ultimate gift would be a series of tickets for your Father or Husband to see the World Cup games LIVE, in South Africa. Information is available on www.FIFA.com
Don’t delay, because the kick-off game, South Africa vs. Mexico takes place on 11 Jun. They’ll be playing it at 10:00am (ET) on ESPN, for those who can’t make it there.

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