>"BIG" – the big Kahuna ‘Carrie’ finally caught, wears JOHN LOBB

28 May


Images of Chris Noth and Staveley Lobbs, courtesy of Simone Pioggi, Atelier Public Relations

I’ve always had a crush on actor, CHRIS NOTH, from the first time he appeared on Law & Order and helped me get through miles of training runs on the USA channel, TNT. True, he was a bit of a thug, but he was without question, the cutest boy in the NYPD. I challenge any woman out there to say with a straight face, that she hasn’t fallen at least once for a bad-boy Chris Noth type.

While I liked him in Law & Order, I was HEAD-OVER-HEELS for him in Sex and the City. “Big” was THE BIG ONE – the proverbial “one who got away”. For me, he was a ringer of the ridiculously handsome DJ/skier boyfriend I had in my mid-twenties who made me my first “serious” money by advising me to short Toys R’ Us, right before they filed for Chapter 11.

As much as I love watching Chris, whether on the tube or live and in person, front row, with SJP at a Marc Jacobs show, I’m actually more interested in watching his evolution from a J.C. Penny suit-clad detective to a sharply tailored guy with JOHN LOBB shoes on his feet.

I couldn’t get to ‘Sex and the City II opening night, but I did hear, courtesy of Atelier PR, that Chris is getting some serious fashion know-how. Mr. BIG looked refined all right, in his STAVELY Lobbs while attending the premiere of Sex and of the City 2 earlier this week. The Staveley is a classic oxford with a modern squared toe that featured a mock toe cap with three rows of stitching. Maybe, it was Carrie/SJP who speeded-up the process, but Chris Noth has definitely gotten the moves down to fit the bill as Carrie’s forever consort. After all, the first wardrobe item a woman looks at on a man is his shoes. Bases on his LOBBS, BIG and Carrie will be together for a very long time.

*I’ll be hitting the movie theater at some point this weekend. If you’re remotely interested in fashion, you should too to see what stylist PAT FIELDS has done this time. www.sexandthecitymovie.com

To view more items from John Lobb, visit www.johnlobb.com
Sometimes, you can get lucky, and find a pair on one of my new favorite sites, www.giltman.com


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