24 May


Edited by Vivian Kelly

SJP – where to begin? I feel that her whole story cannot be contained in a single article, but as always I will do my best. She started her movie career off young start at 15 or 16 in her debut movie ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. This movie shows off what a great dancer and gymnast she was in her earlier years. She could do impressive cheerleading flips and layouts to the point where it was pretty breath taking, and the dancing was also pretty extravagant.
In her later years’ SJP became the character and face of famous author Candace Bushnell’s Carrie Bradshaw from the hit series Sex and the City, which to have not know that you must be living under a rock. Once the series ended, there was the movie and I am talking about some five years later which trust me is an anxious wait for all us die-hard fans. In my opinion I thought it was an excellent movie and I loved the entire plot. I will always love the way Samantha is so selfish, but is so hilarious nobody cares, Charlotte and her adorable giggle, and Miranda, for standing on her own two feet. She is one of the smartest women I have ever seen and I find it very important that a woman can support herself. Lastly Carrie, how I love Carrie, how can you not love Carrie? She is sweet and smart and you have to, HAVE TO, love the gorgeous pieces of clothing she wears if you don’t than I am pretty sure that it is a crime against nature. A big “love you” to stylist PAT FIELDS.

The last item on the agenda I want to talk about is how cultured SJP is. I never really knew until I really looked into the matter. I recently saw a commercial on TV about how this organization is taking celebrities and teaching them, trying to help them uncover their deceased family, so like an extreme form of genealogy. Guess whom I saw on that commercial? Bingo. I never got around to seeing the show but would have liked to see what Sarah Jessica uncovered.

My mom, my grandmother, and I went to the press preview at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at the extravagant dresses throughout the ages [American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity]. I was surprised to find out that it was SJP’s voice on the walkman that led you around the exhibit. Being part of the younger generation many might have thought I would not know who she was but I was the one who actually told my mom when I saw the sign with her picture on it. She’s MY pick for a modern-day American icon. So that’s what I found out about Sarah Jessica Parker, so far at least. Until next time! Au Revoir!

P.S. –

I’ll be first in line to see ‘Sex and the City II’ when it opens this weekend. See you there!
Visit the exhibit at the MET, in NYC. It runs through August 15, 2010. For more info, visit www.metmuseum.org


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