23 May



My Father has got to be the hardest person to buy anything for. Unless he needs it, he doesn’t want it. “Don’t spend the money” is the refrain we’ve heard for 30+ years.
He IS however, a willing recipient if he happens to actually NEED something at that particular time.
EYEGLASSES and sunglasses would fall under that category. If you have to wear glasses, get the most flattering ones you can afford. Sure, there ARE some amazing frames by the likes of CHANEL, FENDI, and VERSACE, but plunking-down $300+ just for the frames gives me pause.

FOUND: the perfect “practical” gift – EYEBOB READERS
Their motto is “Eyewear for the Irreverent and Slightly Jaded”. Check, that would me me!
If you’re looking to pick Dad up a pair of reader sunnies for beach reading, there’s several models available for $65.

I perked-up when I received an email from Ann Magnin Inc, with a pic of some cool reading glasses that reminded me of Tom Ford’s much more expensive models. The nerdy-retro look was just as cool here as chez Tom’s. The “Do the Limbo” plastic and bamboo readers retail for $75. Powers are available in hard to find quarter strength increments (1.00, 1.25, 1.50…). And, if you use a 2.75, 3.00, or more for special close up project, email them, as they stock a limited amount of these magnifications. If you need a stronger script, your optician can put the lenses into your Eyebobs in place of the weaker lenses they come with.

While you’re at it, girls, I’m loving this pair of Italian plastic cat-eye with magnifying lens on a satin cord. They’re perfect for a quick read of a menu written in too-tiny font. For $45.00, these are a cute and stylish year-round accessory.

Tel: 866-393-2627

*IF you want to splurge, do some shopping on www.tomford.com

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