>Blake Lively Is Our Modern-Day Grace Kelly!

22 May



I have a long-standing obsession with GRACE KELLY and the brilliant feature by LAURA JACOBS in VANITY FAIR, just fueled the fire more. While I love her in her “off duty” prim Kelly bag, cashmere sweater and slim skirt look, I’m searching-around for a modern day alternative to her. WHAT, would Grace look like if she were born @ 50 years later?

After examining the image of Blake as ‘Serena’ and Mario Testino’s photo editorial of her and surfer God, ROB MACHADO, in Cali of her in June Vogue, we’re sold on Blake. A less imaginative stylist than ERIC DAMAN, would have had her wear a Chanel 2.55, but the edgy Be&D bag gives her otherwise Uptown look a modern twist.

So, when it came to deciding “who wore it better” [we’re back to the Be&D survey] our answer is “Blake!”

Whitney, has a great , and does a good job sharing her career experiences on ‘The City’, and gives the Woodstock Hobo a great downtown cool-girl vibe. Her show is far more palatable to watch than ‘The Hills’ which has degenerated from the interesting reality show it was in Season 1 to its vacuous form where the highlight of the show is to see what idiotic thing Spencer Pratt has to say.

Follow Be&D Creative Director, STEVE DUMAIN’s Inspiration blog “Persuaded By Life”: www.beandd.tumblr.com

Images of Blake Lively and Whitney Port, carrying Be&D Woodstock Hobo’ bags, courtesy of Courtney Forrest
Image of Steve Dumain in grey tee, from the official Be&D website, www.beandd.com


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