>Summer Beauty- CVS + Lilly Pulitzer Body Lotions for Beach Days Ahead

8 May


After a run of 75 degree plus days, I’ve got summer vacation on my mind and am completely preoccupied with all things having to do with the beach.
MONTHS AGO, in September, essence BEAUTY was testing-out a batch of body lotions and mists at Robert Verdi’s THE FUTURE OF FASHION Lounge. Our instructions: to choose the scent we thought was the best of the bunch. I vaguely remember choosing Sandalwood, but I’ve always been partial to that scent family.

A week ago, the UPS guy dropped a box from Kaplow PR in our driveway. Inside – was a letter announcing THE WINNER: Juniper & Citrus essence of Beauty Body Lotion and a matching Body Mist. The lotion is surprisingly thick and long-lasting, given the price [$5.99 for 8.0 oz.]. The mist came in handy after I came in sweaty from a 6 mile jog and is a nice treat for tired legs. Although it’s something I wouldn’t usually have on my shopping list, it’s a nice extra, and for another $5.99, why not have the whole set?

To buy, pop into CVS or shop www.cvs.com

If you want to splurge a little bit and pretend you’re sunning yourself in Palm Beach on holiday at the Breakers, pick up some LILLY PULITZER Body Lotion in “Beachy”, the eau de parfum, and the candle.
How to best describe the scent of Palm Beach: “notes of sliced watermelon, sunny citrus, and marine air accord. The heart enchants with jasmine blossom, tiare flower, and lush franipani.” The whole kit and caboodle comes to $101.50.
Lilly beauty is available at www.lillypulitzer.com and www.sephora.com
To reserve a room at the Breakers, visit www.thebreakers.com


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