>THE Dooney & BOURKE spring 2010 Collections

2 May


Images from www.dooney.com
Visit the official website for a complete view of the brand

Months ago, we made the twice-annual pilgrimage to Dooney’s spacious West 26th Street showroom to preview the collection that is now in stores. Make that, “collections” as Dooney & Bourke has many lines to offer both in spring and in fall.
Owner and designer, Peter Dooney is right in step with the ongoing recession which is why you’ll notice the focus is on lots of bags that retail for $300 and under.
It looks like Mr. Dooney has his sights on the younger end of the market. You’ll see plenty of items suitable for teens in high school and college age girls. Pricing bags like this vastly improves the odds that you’ll get this demographic’s attention. Many girls can’t justify a $750 LV bag twice a year. It’s a different story however, when you can pick up something new to punch up your wardrobe for under $200.

The New Shape is the Juliette hobo, and there are new colors to choose from such as tangerine, cobalt, raspberry and sky blue. This new silhouette, we were told, also happens to be Mr. Dooney’s new favorite style.
We liked the “Valerie Bag” from the JULIETTE COLLECTION in herringbone tweed and also in pebble-grain leather. Our favorite in the lot were the canvas Juliette in Sunflower, and the roomy nylon Juliette. Both selections measure [L 15” W 5” H 12.5″] and retail for a modest $185. This size carries plenty but you don’t look like you’re dragging around a bowling ball, as the Olsen Twins and many of us [guilty!] did the past few seasons when oversize bags were de rigeur.
If you’re a small bag girl, you can pick up a smaller version starting at $85 with a cross body strap. The most expensive bags in the range cut off at $700.

If you’re stuck on what to gift your favorite grad this June, consider some of the gifting items on the line.
Items span the gamut: a calfskin jewelry roll, glasses case, leather lined round case, Blackberry and Metro Card cases and luggage tags.

New Details at Dooney include a remix of the Dooney logo duck, which now appears on bags in eye-catching outsize enamel.


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