>LADY GAGA- When a Pop Star Strikes a Deep Cultural Chord

1 May


Edited by: Vivian G. Kelly-VanZutphen

We all know and admire her, but past the glitz and glam Lady Gaga has influenced the culture of the United States. Just the other day whilst we were waiting for the train to Grand Central we saw a girl in her mid-twenties wearing a bubble skirt that has been seen on this famous fashion icon dozens of times, all in different formats. Needless to say it did not look as fabulous on this girl as it did on Lady Gaga’s dance figure, but this just shows some of the effect her crazy and new sense of fashion have shaped and twisted the minds of women everywhere. It is not just the interesting sense of flair that radiates off such a strong woman, she has led the music industry out of the resection full speed ahead with her The Fame, The Fame Monster, and The Fame Monster II. Her music tour took her around the world meeting famous figures such as the Queen on her way. Her wild sense of confidence seems to have been more, and more distributed throughout the US.

More and more you will see girls about 20-25 walking down the street with pieces that belong on the runway, not made for everyday apparel. I think Lady Gaga has made a great name for herself in spite of vicious rumors distributed by People or Us Weekly. This explosion of self expression was bound to happen someday and I think that Lady Gaga delivers. I give her a standing ovation.
We’re betting that the Fox Channel’s wildly popular GLEE show will do a segment on Lady G.
To have a look at Glee, if you haven’t seen it yet, visit www.fox.com

*Juliette is a staff writer for TheFE. she is in 7th Grade and loves all things fashion, especially classic Louis V. monogrammed bags.


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