>ROBBIE DAWG treats – the RX and Must-Have for Doggie Princes & Princesses

11 Apr



There was once a little dog named LOUIS. He lived in the lap of luxury in Tokyo, with a wonderful woman who spoiled him silly. Louis had it all, including LOUIS VUITTON squeaky toys! STILL, he wasn’t happy and scratched his owner’s niece when she came to visit.
The solution came to us after attending THE GALLERY NEW YORK event one of our favorite fashion PRs, Alison Kennedy, co-owner of KPR Public organized last month in NYC’s Garment Center.
It was there, that we discovered ROBBIE DAWG.

Lisa Fortunato started w/ 1 treat she originally made for her own pooch. After getting laid-off she gave this a go fulltime. After 5 yrs of working in her apt she’s in the black, and her product in sold in ALL 50 States in the USA.
TheFE: Your dogs inspired the line?

LISA FOTUNATO: Robbie has his own line and Lulu has her own line.
Our treats have no salt sugar and a 16 month shelf life.
We donate 40 lbs of product per month to Bidawee, Women’s Cancer, and also work with the NY Mayor’s Alliance.

Checkout Lisa’s book, boasting [we’re not kidding] 150 doggie recipes. “The Everything Cooking For Dogs Book” is available on www.amazon.com
An incredible 17 out of 17 people who reviewed the book found it to be helpful for their picky pets. One owner wrote, “The recipes have all the ingredients you have on hand in your kitchen, and are incredibly easy to make. The cookies I baked worked great during the “training” phase with my dog.”
LOUIS, back in his swank apartment in Toyko, would enjoy the events Ms. Fortunato participates in. Recently, she participated in an event with CHRISTOPHLE on Fifth Avenue called, “Bring your dog to shop day at Christophle!”

What’s next – Next is a cat line for Cookie and Dough, inspired by her two cats. We can’t wait to road test these treats on our finicky black darling, “Koko”.
To purchase the treats and learn more about Lisa’s charitable collaborations, visit www.robbiedawg.com

To stock-up on Louis Vuitton essentials, visit www.louisvuitton.com


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