>Jewels for Spring – The Bigger the Better, the Girls Like it Better!

1 Apr



We’re thrilled about the nude trend for spring, which gives the boot to all of that BLACK and snow, boots and endless layers we’ve dealt with for the past 4 months in what’s been one of the coldest Winters in the Northeast in years.
Wearing nudes and beiges serves as the perfect backdrop for some major jewelry – real and faux. Don’t be afraid to mix it up like the legendary Babe Paley and Coco Chanel did.


Some of our favorite high- low pieces come from the most random sources. While going in to size our Tiffany star band at a family jeweler in Danbury, CT, we spotted a picture of CARMEN LUCIA BUCK wearing the most gorgeous ruby we’ve ever seen, right next to the vault. Turns out, Frank Cappiello, has designed some honking big rings [still does] in his thirty-plus year career as a fine jeweler. He’s most proud of the Carmen Lucia Ruby ring he designed for the late Mrs. Carmen Lucia Buck. According to Frank and a write-up in The Washington Post, the acquisition process began with Carmen’s longtime jeweler, Frank Cappiello, who suggested to her husband that he make a giant ruby ring for Mrs. Buck. Dr. Peter Buck is a founder of the Subway sandwich chain and a nuclear-physicist, with a net worth Forbes estimates is $1.6 billion, which explains how he could take up Cappiello’s suggestion. The Carmen Lúcia Ruby weights in at 23.10cts, is set in platinum along with two colorless triangular diamonds. It’s the one of the finest large, faceted Burmese rubies known and the largest faceted ruby in the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection. Neither Mr. Cappiello nor the museum would disclose the price of the gem, We do know though, that the ruby was mined in the 1930’s from the fabled Mogok region of Burma.

In Frank’s shop is a portrait of Carmen Lucia in gala attire wearing the ruby, which she wore as an everyday accessory until her death.
In October, 2004, , Dr. Buck donated this magnificent ruby to the National Gem Collection and the people of the United States as a tribute to his late wife.
To see the Carmen Lucia Ruby, go to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and have a look at the Hope Diamond, which is in the same room. Now’s a good time, when the cherry blossoms are out!

LOW: RZ by Rachel Zoe Jewelry for QVC
At the other end of the spectrum is our modern day version of “fun, cheap dime story jewelry”. Babe Paley might have combined this huge filigreed cuff with some her huge yellow canary diamond Verdura ring. Rachel even makes the perfect spring weather wrap, a cream double faced cape that fits everyone from a size 0 – 14. It makes the ideal backdrop for any jewelry you might want to pile on.

The RZ line is available on www.qvc.com
Below, pricing information.
Rachel Zoe Double Faced Belted Cape
QVC Item #A199719 Approximately $95.00
Available in Black, Camel, Ivory (shown), Red and Yellow

Rachel Zoe V-neck Vest with Faux Fur Front
QVC Item #A199722 Approximately $62.00
Available in Silver (shown), Ivory and Coyote

Rachel Zoe Impressive Filigree Cuff Bracelet
QVC Item #J147752 Approximately $104.00

Image Credits
Images of the Buck ruby, Chip Clark
Images of the RZ line, courtesy of QVC
Nude trends piece, from www.banquetevent.com


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