>DUCKIE BROWN fall 2010 collection show- not for the conservative guy

20 Mar



As we sat in the tent waiting for Duckie’s show to go off, we daydreamed and wondered if a guy like France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy would ever wear Duckie Brown. On State occasions, he’s usually extremely conservative, but on his downtime, those wild red swim trunks show that he might just go for it. After all, he IS married to Carla Bruni, one of the most fashionable women in the world, and an ex-supermodel, back when the term “Supermodel” meant something and warranted a capital “S”.

The soundtrack started things off leading us to believe we were in for a military style collection. The military part came via the laceup combat boots – Florsheim by Duckie Brown and the hats from Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute.The James Bond theme that followed went along w/ the swagger that goes along when you’re a guy strolling down the street in huge 8O’s shoulderpads that also reminded us of 20’s style gangster zoot suits.
What was new was the “bruised tweed” fabric meaning a black + blue tweed – a welcome departure from the usual brown toned tweeds others show. Another favorite piece: #14 – the short lime trench worn w/ a turquoise shirt + sinny gray trousers.
Brevity = a sign of a seasoned designer. There were only 20 looks.

Images of the fall 2010 Duckie Brown collection, courtesy of www.image.net, by Getty Images
Nicolas and Carla at the beach, from www.i.dailymail.co.uk
Image of men in zoot suits from www.neatorama.com

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