10 Mar


TEXT & backstage images, VIVIAN G. KELLY-VAN ZUTPHEN
Image of VK-VZ and C. Siriano, the team at Paul Wilmot Public Relations

WHEN & WHERE: Backstage at the Bryant Park Tents, NY Fashion Week

For those not in the business, TV shows such as “Sex+the City” + “Project Runway” have succeeded in bringing the glam world of fashion right into your living room. “Project” can turn an unknown kid w/ talent into a household name. Look at the phenomenal success of Christian Siriano. As a sometimes cynical fashion vet, we’ll argue that winning Project is great, but is only the beginning. Remember Jay McCarroll, season #1s winner? Doubtful.

We got to meet Christian Siriano backstage before his fall 2010 show. The night before, we scanned his book, Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self + Googled-up a bit on this twenty-four year old designer star.
Once there, we had only 1 question, “You’re designing RTW, have a book, makeup for Victoria’s Secret, a line for Payless. WHAT’s NEXT?”
Interestingly, Christian is soft-spoken and self-effacing – not at ALL the persona he conveys in public. We far prefered the C. we met over the camera-ready version.
HIS ANSWER: -“I’d like to keep it growing and eventually have my own stores.”
As to our observation on how different he was in person, he shrugged and smiled. “That’s for TV + the cameras”.
Have a look at some of his latest designs + write us + let us know if you agree w/ us that this Project winner is going the distance.


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