>Backstage with AMY SMILOVIC at the TIBI fall 2010 show

23 Feb


Runway Images: courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010
[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz)
Backstage Images: VGK-VZ & Mark Behnke


A few hours before the show, while waiting to speak with Amy Smilovic, we fell in love with a little pleated burgundy cocktail dress that had a metallic jacquard top. Glitter has replaced ostentatious blinged-out pieces weighed-down by chunky Swarovski crystals, for the most part. This piece was in the same vein as many of the pieces in CHRISTIAN COTA’S COLLECTION.

Backstage, Amy said, “This collection looks like me”. She continued, “I’m trying to take it more about what I want. The biggest compliment was when my Production Director whose been with me since 2002 said, “Everyone looks like Amy on this collection’s boards.”

THE FE: You have a lot of clients from wealthy enclaves such as Greenwich, CT. I’m amazed at some of the outfits the women wear while out – Merrells, sweats, Uggs…”

AMY: Yes! When you go out you should dress. I think A LOT about how I’m getting dressed every morning. I try to lead by example, I don’t want my staff coming into work in just a tee shirt and jeans.”

THE fall 2010 SHOW

The slender blondes striding down the runway had Amy’s insousciant cool woman -[ not girl] style. Being dressed and looking like a woman does NOT mean you have to have frumpy Congressman’s wife style. We’re not talking about matchy-matchy suits, and panty hose or a throw-back to Babe Paley either.
Instead, Amy accessorized the collection with berry and burgundy tights paired with platform stilettos that will keep you warm sexy looking. There’s a long purple grape wool jersey dress for cold days and a silk splatter paint gown that’s just right for an art opening. For the big museum or Red Cross gala, wear the ballerina pink gown and little black faux fur short sleeve jacket.
Ladies, take a page from Ms. Smilovic, take some pleasure in getting dressed in the morning, and PLEASE, lose the Merrels, save those for making snowmen w/ your kids.


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