16 Feb



WE went to Ecco Domani last night to see what the winners had on tap. There were seven young designers.

While all good, the one that excited us the most was PRABAL GURUNG, who got on our radar screen last year.
Blondes – Swarovski everywhere, the best was the 1st look on a ring maille chain corset. The rest of the collection was all black.
Prova – This accessory collection’s star piece was a Mary Celeste silk scarf with gunmetal and silver. It’s going to add some needed sparkle to the overwhelming amount of black and gray we’ve seen in RTW thus far.
Siki Im – Brought back men’s skirts [yawn]. The most interesting was an ankle length Japanese poplin long skirt. It’s going to take the right guy to wear it, but for the most fashion forward guy out there – a great look..
Altuzarra – Dazzled with buckles on 5/7 looks but it was the last look, a red acid washed tuxedo dress with no buckle in sight that caused our knees to buckle.
Salbor – Managed to make the black and white themes we’ve seen all week look new. The best – a white zebra patchwork top with a great tonal quality that looked like we were watching a TV set as the model approached us.
Organic by John Patrick – the most colorful + cohesive collection of the 7. There were bright plaids and Harris Tweeds galor. All of them seemed to build on each other and created a complete message.

It was Prabal Gurung who swept us away. He started out with a great white + black 2-tone seam coat. It’s white in front, jet black in back. The 2nd look was a camel and white wool hooded coat. The two best were his two dresses, an oxidized silver stretch lace and black wool faille dress. The tarnished look made the silver look alive. The bottle green [we’re saying “emerald”] green viscose draped sleeve dress is the kind of dress and the kind of color we want to see more of.


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