15 Feb


Edited by Vivian G Kelly-VanZutphen

The 3rd floor Ballroom at the Plaza was a swanky place to have a party, vaulted ceilings, the gilt, everything that makes the Plaza the classic it is.
What we walked into was the hippest party of the week at New York’s most classic venue.

The crowd spilled out of the room and there was a full-on Plaza style food spread and waiters buzzing around with white gloves and silver platters, like in the old days ie: pre-recession.
CEO and Chairman NDUKA OBAIGBENA put out all the stops. The notion of embracing the aristocratic British aristocracy yet putting their own distinctive spin on it – as at the show a few hours earlier – was exactly what was going on here.
We caught up with designer JACQUES VAN DER WATT, half of the BLACK COFFEE team, who we hadn’t been able to interview pre-show. He spoke of his fondness for using cotton knit in this collection as it was soft, sensual and cozy.

While we were standing on one side of the room observing, all of a sudden the stage opened up right in front of our perch and there was superstar CIARA and two back-up dancers in slashed jeans and bare midriffs and sparkly body lotion. She built up to her hit song, “Love, Sex & Magic” and kicked-off with a Michael Jackson cover.
The party roared-on after Ciara wrapped-up. They were still dancing away after 1a.m. when we called it a night.


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