19 Jan



We’re tired of the obvious fakery of the whole GOLDEN GLOBES exercise, but like an addict, we’ll take some, even though we know the product’s inferior.
That said, we’ve got to congratulate our former boss, MICHAEL KORS, for getting the formula down right.
There IS a formula for RED CARPET makeup and he delivers it in the MICHAEL KORS VERY HOLLYWOOD Collection. Model, Hilary Rhoda, looks red-carpet ready in the counter signage.

Kors states in a press release that for the Rodeo Pink palette; he was inspired by “the iconic pink of the flowers that line Rodeo Drive and the bright colors of the homes in the Hollywood Hills.”
What the colors reminded us of were old-time Hollywood Glamour stars like Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly had in spades.
The afternoon of the Golden Globes we spent a few hours in our local DANBURY FAIR MALL and hit Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, in search of the “Marilyn Monroe red” lipstick Lancome Harper’s Bazaar featured in a beauty editorial.
While we didn’t have any luck finding the said lipstick, we DID stumble onto Michael Kors’ brilliant totally mini limited edition cosmetics collection.
We tried “honey blonde” and “bungalow pink” lipsticks, and “sunset coral” blush.
We’ll probably come back for bungalow pink but left with a L&T bag containing our purchase of “Hollywood Gold”, the PERFECT nude-beige we’ve been on the look-out for, seemingly forever.
It’s nice when satisfaction comes at a mere $19 price tag.
To buy, visit your Estee Lauder counter or shop on www.esteelauder.com

The Collection is available at Estee Lauder counters now, until supplies run out.


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