>CETTU Handbags Shopping Soiree courtesy of BagTrends.com + the Dress for Success Initiative

8 Jan


Images, Courtesy of CETTU & by VGK

We couldn’t resist the invite from bagtrends.com’s Pamela Perkerman to check out a handbag line she promised to be fashionable AND a great value. Lately, we’ve been partial to un-brands – great bags that don’t have the “name” but are really well made. Some examples: BE&D, and ASPINAL of LONDON. We’re loving BE&D’s ruffled “KanKan” Zip Tote and clutch as well as ASPINAL OF LONDON’S Union Jack “Brit Tote” – both ring in at under a $Grand.
For an added incentive,
Pam organized with DRESS FOR SUCCESS, and shoppers that evening were given an additional 5% off if they donated a used handbag to the cause. Before we left for the event, we packed a couple of bags we weren’t using to donate.
We met up with fellow blogger, Richard Spiegel of The Fashion Tribune who was already busy talking with CETTU’S JANELLE RUSSELL, the brand’s National Sales Manager. She graciously modelled our favorite bag, a classic black tote. If you can’t yet afford an Hermes Birkin, this is a nice alternative for under $500.

JANELLE: CETTU is a magical bird back in the days of Camleot. Arthur presented CETTU to the Lady Guinavere to win her heart, and it worked!

FE: We heard that the price point is quite moderate – a great idea these days. What’s “moderate”?

JANELLE: Bags are on average around $300 [at retail].

FE: Would that be cloth or leather?

JANELLE: The bags are all leather, made of the most luxurious buttery soft leathers out there. We also put substantial hardware and detailing into the bags. We’re debuting the wallets, for $75 – 85, probably at Nordstrom’s.

FE: Is there any buzz about the brand yet?

JANELLE: Yes, we are getting some buzz, and have appeared on Gossip Girl and Elle Magazine.

We left with a yellow wallet, gorgeously packaged in a sleek black box and a keychain in the shape of a heraldic coat of arms. After inspecting the stylish little wallet – clutch, we decided to use it as our camera and flip case during NY Fashion Week.

The spring 2010 collection will be in stores in February. There will be 4 groupings to choose from: EVERYDAY LUXURY, HIPPY LUXE, CITY CHIC, AND SPECIAL EDITION.
Follow them there!


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