>Accessories Lust: FINSK shoes at the Ports 1961 S/S 2010 Show

26 Nov



We’ve been Ports 1961 fans since the beginning, when Tia Cibanni showed in the loft where she’d end up having her showroom at 601 West 26th Street.
What keeps drawing us in are of course, the beautiful clothes that appeal to our boho spirit and the off the charts accessories that are the result of that season’s particular collaboration.

For spring, all anyone’s talking about, it seems, are shoes. Many of the shoes in question were not meant for walking but rather for talking [about].
Squarely in this category – JULIA LUNDSTEN’s FINSK label shoes that had heads swiveling back & forth to have a better look when they teetered down the Ports runway.
For starters, Manolo [as in Blahnik] is a fan, so much so that he didn’t stop at calling Ms. Lundsten’s creations, “exquisite, divine, & perfect”. He awarded her the Manolo Blahnik Award 2 years running. On her trophy shelf also sits the Young Designer of the Year Award from Finland.

Awards aside, the genius of her design finds its inspiration from nature and structures found in natural architecture. Most interesting are the HEELS, many made from sustainable exotic hardwood.
Whether you want them as objets d’art or are brave enough to wear them, you’ll be wanting a pair this spring.

Photo Credits
Images of shoes,from FINSK at FINSK
Image of Julia Lundsten, from www.designfinland.blogs.com
To view additional images, visit FINSK on Facebook.

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