>Menswear Day Highlights, London Fashion Week SS 2010

21 Oct

>Text: Sofia Shershunovich
Edited by: Vivian G. Kelly

Time: Day 6: 23rd September 2009

Place: Somerset House, London

James Long

S/S Trend Watch, James Long: Colored metallics, skin tight leathers, derelict knits, tie dye, shiny camo, and men clutches.

You know the phrase “you would look good even in a garbage bag”? It may have been the inspiration behind James Long’s London Fashion Week S/S 2010 show. But jokes aside, it was possibly the most exciting runway of the day. Maybe a little too much of everything from my perspective, but nevertheless thrilling and definitely a step (or six) up from the ordinary. It would be great to see men take some risks and incorporate Mr. Long’s vision into their wardrobe this spring.

Lou Dalton

S/S Trend Watch, Lou Dalton: Sailor stripes, navy/red/gold, khaki, Carrie flowers, a short man’s attitude.

A long long time ago men’s fashion was just as intricate as women’s. Men wore make-up, wigs, fake moles, fabulous jewels, frills, heels, and feathers. Lou Dalton’s show at the Summerset House’s beautiful Portico Rooms showed us that perhaps it’s time to bring some of that excitement back. With his Napoleonic inspired hats, jackets and flower accessories he brings Sex and the City flair to a daring and stylish men’s closet. Although, he might want to step out of the closet first to make some space.

Topman (by Topshop)

S/S Trend Watch, Topman: Electric blue, powder blue, white, raven black, sporty, geometric patterns, civil war, anatomical print tees, jet black.

The most anticipated show of the day was Topman (by Topshop). The show featured an ultra light then a dramatically dark palette, and a make up artist with a sense of humor, who gave the models a peculiar fake bake. Parachute bags made an appearance again, we noticed them earlier at a Carolyn Massey show earlier in the day. Then suddenly the theme changed to high fashion, anatomical and civil war with studs, furs, and gold accessories. Smart, dark, and sexy suits brought the show to a climax leaving us with a sense of disbelief in our scepticism when it comes to this particular high-street brand.


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