>THE FARAH ANGSANA spring 2010 collection

27 Sep


Images, courtesy of Paul Wilmot Communications

New York Fashion Week,
Wednesday, September 9, 3:00p.m.
Royalton Hotel, West 44th Street, the Lobby

Swiss-based eveningwear designer, Farah Angsana has taken her business to a whole other level by hiring PR King PAUL WILMOT and his team to get the word out. That’s not to say that Ms. Angsana’s designs weren’t beautiful before she retained Paul Wilmot Communications. Unfortunately, making beautiful clothes just isn’t enough, you need to have the right people whispering into the right peoples’ ears that something is “great, the next big thing”.

We first noticed Farah at LA Fashion Week over a year ago – she was one of the few bright spots in a rather bleak week, which Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley cut out of early.
On tap this season, were tableaus staged in the lobby of the refurbished Royalton Hotel – one of this fashion week’s places to be.
What bowled us over were the production facts Ms. Angsana threw out as she took us through the line. The elaborate beading on the gowns is stunning and no wonder. One gown took 161 hours [no, not a typo!] for the beadwork ALONE. Many of her gowns are 95% hand created with the remaining 5% being due to the fact that she uses machines to sew the zippers. These gowns she qualifies as COUTURE and we won’t take umbrage with that.
After viewing the E! Channel’s “Fashion Police Emmy segment, we’re putting our money on the stylists and stars looking around for some fresh new alternatives – like Farah Angsana.

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