>The TWINKLE BY WENLAN spring 2010 collection showing

21 Sep



New York Fashion Week
Friday, Sept. 11, 2009, 12:00 noon
Bryant Park, The Salon

The oversize baubles hanging on the racks were the first thing that caught our eye and they gave some edge to the primarily black and white palette of soft little dresses that came down the runway this season.
Both it turns out, tie for her favorite musicians.
Says the designer, “Spiritually they are similar. Both are adventurous women.”
Yoko = the artistic prints ad cream colors
Blondie = the graphics and acid colors

FE: How does the hair and makeup play into what you’re doing?

WENLAN: It was most important to me that it be pretty, the hair is curled and long and free like Yoko had it at one time]. The orange lips are very eighties, strong.

FE: How are you coping with the recession? Any changes in your price points?

WENLAN: Recession is part of life’s, ups and downs; you cope with it. I think about answering the question, “What can make you happy?” The answer is a good meal and something that you like to wear.
I’m keeping my price points but offering a jersey collection that is more affordable.

FE: Who do you think will pick it up?

WENLAN: It’s being offered to all my regulars, Nordstrom, etc. It would probably hang with sportswear.

What grabbed us at the show were the computer chip hot pink and white print skinny pants and dress. The eighties rock star was referenced via the super skinny pants and the artistic Yoko side was alluded to by the pretty modern prints and flowy chiffon she used for the little dresses.

Runway Photos by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz
Image of Yoko Ono and John Lennon, from www.easyart.com
The image is available from the site for €19.95

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