>The DUCKIE BROWN spring 2010 collection show

16 Sep



Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

TIME & PLACE: Thursday, September 9, 2009
Bryant Park, The Salon
You never do know what you’re going to get from the boys which is why everyone loves going to this show.
There was an absence of black and in its place there was gray, taupe and more gray. The color accent this season – turquoise here and there, as a suede shoe or a sheer shirt which looks really great if you’re tan and in shape The taupy tweeds had the look of a refined lumberjack and the Fez hats were a fun touch as were the oversize prom queen bow on the front of a gray walking pant.

The duo experimented with texture in their lightweight tweeds and sheer abstract floral print shirts.

Perhaps what most struck us was the absence of traditional suits. Instead, there were long jackets in paler than pale pastels with walking shorts. This isn’t the easiest look to be able to carry-off. Cool guys like SOMA Magazine’s NY Style Editor, MICHAEL COHEN, can pull-off the look. Being tall and thin helps!


One Response to “>The DUCKIE BROWN spring 2010 collection show”

  1. Anonymous September 16, 2009 at 2:29 pm #

    >I know they have plenty of fans and awards but I still think Duckie Browne is underappreciated. Firstly, their color stories every season are inspiring. Not just green or orange or purple, but it's the specific greens and various color tones that really appeal to the way I think about using color and tone. See look number eight for example.Swimwear this season was appealing, both the tailored short and the high waisted number. I would for sure feature the swimwear. Also their collection for Florsheim is radd riffs on classics and I actually bought a pair of those from the launch season. Even with the color aspects, also there's plenty of more conservative options. And they deal with MUCH more beyond color. I'll keep it short here but yeah lots of resort and sheer pieces for SS. I'm glad to see more than just a suit parade. The patterns and basics in the first half were great. Also I like the pairings of mix-matched short suits. Generally, I'm not super into sheer tops other than beachwear just cause I'm not into male nipples. But looks 21-22 (above, at bottom) and 23 are creative and fun. -Michael

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