>BOUDOIR D’HUITRES – the spring 2010 show

15 Sep


Images, courtesy of Edite Press Office
TIME & PLACE: Thursday, September 10, 2010, 6:00p.m.
The Hosfelt Gallery, 531 West 36th Street, the Forbidden Zone, NYC

Designer MIMI PLANGE has only been in the business for 2 years but she’s already on solid footing. Although this is her first time showing, her collection doesn’t look like something a rookie would turn out.
She was at the presentation in leggings, and a black sequined dinner jacket of her own design.

FE: We love the cobalt blue pieces. What’s your inspiration?

MIMI: Ocean land sea life, especially the medusa jellyfish.

FE: Your favorite fabric is…
MIMI: Organza! I love it because it can be layered, which works well for spring and fall.

FE: Who are you reaching out to?

MIMI: I want to cater to the girl who wants to stand out. My clothes are for women who want to be more individual.

Boudoir D’Huitres boasts some labour intensive beadwork but the price points are surprisingly reasonable. The hand-beaded top that look like the glitterglue your pre-school mates and you used to fight over – $900.
The shired cobalt blue strapless dress – $2,000.
For further information, visit the official website, www.boudoir-dhuitres.com


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