5 Sep


Images, Courtesy of Yael Fraynd, hy Publicity

TOP SECRET SOCIETY HAS COME UP WITH SOME NEW DESIGNS – little wisps of fabric to jazz up your tees and tops. Better still, they’re well within budget.
In addition to being cute, these tops are functional – they’re actually bras.
Those of us who were around in the Seventies loved the “boob tube” , and we loved it again a few years back when fashion was hit with a strong case of disco fever.
As much as we loved the boob tube, it had an annoying way of sliding down. The upside of Top Secret’s tubes are that they don’t flatten you out and actually STAY PUT, AND give you some support.
Strapless is one of those looks that’s in style year-round. Brides wear strapless, summer dresses and tops are strapless and you even wear it in the winter, under a chic suit jacket.

Native Miami-ans Andrea and Michelle Varat come from a retail family. The family’s been manufacturing clothing for five generations, producing garments from women’s and men’s sportswear to dresses, active wear and even uniforms.
The idea for TOP SECRET was a result of Michelle’s visit to Brazil, where she noticed [and loved] the colorful bandeau tops many of the women wore under their clothing instead of a traditional bra. Once home she set about designing her own comfortable version, in Supplex® and Elastomer.
After hitting the official website, www.topsecretsociety.com we placed an order for the TINY TUBE in Fuschia, extra small. The tube might just be the solution to avoiding “nipple alert” in a fun and stylish way.

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