>RENI LANE – Pop-Rock’s New Chanteuse Rides the Wave of Eighties’ Nostalgia

2 Jul


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images of Reni Lane, courtesy of David Pattillo, Flow NY

According to CHIC-TV, pop’s got a new princess, one who is thankfully, not all bubblegum and dusted in bronzed body glitter. Their description of her as
“The Pretenders and Madonna inspired Pop-Rock” had us mentally revisiting our time in the eighties – bouncing around the East Village, walking into clubs, never knowing WHO you might see or hear that night.

Ever since Madonna struck out in the eighties with “Lucky Star”, music videos have played a critical part in forming a musician’s image. What would music be these days without the eye-candy fantasies created for those all-important videos? Musicians and their record labels pay top stylists such as Lori Goldstein handsomely to make sure that their artists have the right look.
If they get it right, and the video strikes the right internal chord with its audience, a star can be born, right then and there.
RENI’s got an interesting mix of pop/alternative and garage sounds. What really grabbed us though is her LOOK. She’s a little Deborah Harry, a little Madonna and a little Chrissie Hynde. How can you resist a combo like that?
We were intrigued and decided to have a listen for ourselves. After listening to a few tracks, we kicked ourselves for missing out on Claudine Gumbel/THINK PR’s invite to see Reni Lane live at NYC’s downtown hotspot, Citrine.

Since Marc Jacobs issued his second edition of Sprouse-Vuitton bags and accessories, downtown NYC nostalgia has been riding high. Reni
may be what the New York music scene is looking for.
We’ll find out for sure after her album ‘Ready’ with Custard Universal Motown drops Sep. 15th 2009.
To read more about RENI and the other artists repped by FLOW, visit

FINAL THOUGHTS: We’d love to see Reni in one of HALEH NEMATZADEH’s quirky retro inspired pieces!
To see more, visit www.edite.us


One Response to “>RENI LANE – Pop-Rock’s New Chanteuse Rides the Wave of Eighties’ Nostalgia”

  1. Casi Densmore-Koon July 5, 2009 at 12:25 am #

    >She is really awesome. She was a joy to interview via email & I enjoyed getting to know her. The cd in Sept should be pretty great!

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