27 Jun


Text, Vivian G.Kelly
The SECOND biggest gift-giving time of the year is upon us.
There are the following events to contend with, all in close proximity of one-another:
FATHER’S DAY[maybe you still haven’t gotten Dad something]
In search of some fresh ideas, we jumped at PR whiz, JONO’s invitation to attend his June Product-n-Press Launch.
After the last go-round, we’re sold on the idea that JONO’s event is THE GO-TO Source to track down some gifts the intended recipients might actually want.

WHERE: The Metropolitan Pavillion
WHEN: June 16th
Last time we attended, the host was STACEY LONDON, the celebrity stylist of TLC’s hit show, “What NOT to Wear”.
This time, “Ugly Betty’s” ANA ORTIZ hosted the event. You probably know her as “Betty’s” older sister, Hilda Suarez. The role earned her the ALMA Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2007.

Jono performed his usual magic and the space was filled with tables of beauty products, fashion accessories, gadgets, and food and beverage merch.

On a tight limit [as usual] we hit what we could.
Here are our suggestions.


THE GOLF from DAVEK Accessories, Inc.– An ultra-large golf-size canopy that spans 60” in diameter. If you were at the U.S. Open, you could have used this. We like the added feature of a reversible aluminum alloy anchor spike, and the unconditional lifetime guarantee.
Our favorite is the black/sport green model, also available in classic black and 3 other color combos.
Price: $99
To buy: tel: 9212)749-8746

Pier I IMPORT’s Key chain bag in a shocking green and blue print.

Sick of forgetting your bag when you hit the grocery store?
It’s hard to forget this handy water resistant tote, and at this price, you can get it in every color and hand them out to your friends.
We’re impressed by the company’s new sales & marketing strategy of making more fun gifts at lower price points. Last year, the gifting tag line was “Great gifts for under $50”. This year, it’s “Great gifts for under $30. At this kind of nice price, we predict increased traffic flow in the store and sales at the till.
After perusing the press kits, a couple of items enticed us enough to leave our office and take a trip out to Pier I Imports to see for ourselves.
1. The Green Monstera Leaf Pillow – 18”w x 6”d x 18”h, $16.95
2. The kitschy Tiki Club Wall Sign, 13”w x 17”H, $16.95
3. The Metallic/Zebra Assorted Coin Purse, $4 & matching Glasses Case, $5.

When we arrived at our local branch, we enjoyed the experience – lots of colorful displays and fun grab& go groupings strategically placed close to the register.
WE BOUGHT: A lime green zebra print zip travel kit with the mini shampoo and conditioner bottles, and a soap and pill holder, all for $10. Face it; it’s rare that you actually enjoy using what the hotel puts in the bathroom, unless it’s Aveda.

And finally, everyone needs to drink enough water. After years of sampling hundreds of different brands, we’ll admit that there’s good water, and there’s not-so-good water.
Our new favorite: O.N.E. Natural Spring Water.
With the summer just having started, anyone you know would be happy to have a case of O.N,E. hit their doorstep courtesy of the UPS guy.
Better still, it’s available I paper recyclable 500ml Tetra Packs, instead of icky environmentally unfriendly water bottles.
Price: Approx. $1.49 – $1.79 per 500ml Tetra Packs
Where to Get It: Fairway, Mrs. Greens, Whole Foods and www.amazon.com
Also at www.onedrinks.com
FOR THE WOMEN [wedding]
This one was new to us but we loved the products we got around to trying in the sample pack, as well as the cheery aqua packaging. We’ve only just started testing the GOMMAGE EXFOLIATING CRÈME AND DAILY MOISTURIZER. Although it’s too soon to report on results, we do like the botanical fragrance. Our guess is that it’s the Elixer of Quartz Crystal that gives the lotion its silky feeling.
Look for a full report on SPHATIKA night cream and Sphatika Spa treatments later this summer after we visit their Spa near Columbus Circle [1841 Broadway, Suite 811, NYC]
Tel: 212-265-5885


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