3 Apr


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images of the fall 2009 Collection, Richard Spiegel

We walked into the loftspace that resembled a cool Downtown Gallery opening, rather than yet another fashion presentation. As with anything that IS genuine, you know it when you see it. It’s just this vibe that so many fashion houses/PRs try for but few achieve because it’s just not a part of their DNA to begin with, and they’re merely borrowing for the occasion.
This is not the case for GEREN LOCKHART, the LA-NY cool girl hybrid who designs the up and coming GEREN FORD line.

Luckily for us, her energetic C.O.O, ALEX KNIGHT, swooped in and rescued us as we were busy taking a deep breath at the entrance, trying to get our bearings in the jammed venue. Mr. Knight’s a dead ringer for actor-heartthrob, JUDE LAW, with the accent to match. His infectious enthusiasm though, was all-American, as he gave us the 411 on the line’s growing popularity with editors and retailers.
THE FASHION EXAMINER: There’s a lot more here than what you showed last season.

ALEX KNIGHT: Yes, all the majors are carrying us now.

T.F. EXAMINER: What’s your biggest retail coup?

A. KNIGHT: We just got on the new Contemporary Floor at Saks, they selected only a handful to be there,
T.F. EXAMINER: What’s different in terms of the collection?

A. KNIGHT: This season you can really see the progression of Geren’s collection, it a whole lot more involved. There are leathers, Italian wools and of course the she’s known silk dresses and tops that act as the underpinnings. This season, they serve as the core of the collection.

T.F. EXAMINER: She did some interesting prints. What’s the inspiration?

A. KNIGHT: It’s based off YVES KLEIN.
[*A Wikipedia search yielded the following entry, “ Yves Klein – a French artist considered an important figure in post-war European art. New York critics of Klein’s time often classified as neo-Dada.]
The print Ms. Ford created was not dissimilar to Klein’s Monotone Symphony.
Geren’s whole world is art, she’s been steeped in it since childhood. She’s a seventies Art Rat, her Dad is JOHN FORD, and she’s very networked with the art world.

T.F. EXAMINER: The jewelry, it’s wonderful!

A. KNIGHT: It’s BYLU; they provided their jewelry for this presentation.

*ENDNOTES: We left with a little bit of Geren Ford’s latest around our neck – a luxurious silk scarf and couldn’t wait to try “ironic”, the rocker girl mica silver eye shadow she gifted us at the door by OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS.

To read more and to shop the Geren Ford Collection, visit:

To view some more of Obsessive Compulsive’s well-priced shadows [$10 a pot], visit their official website,

Image of Bylu Ring, from www.bylu-nyc.com
Image of Yves Klein, from www.wikipedia.org
Image of Paris Hilton in Geren Ford from www.photobucket.com
Image of Monotone Symphony from www.chromiumoxidegreen.com


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