23 Mar


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images of Nail colors from www.cnd.com
Runway images from www.style.com
Image of Halsotn and models, from www.mediabistro.com


CND’s [Creative Nail Design] Ruby showed us the 3 custom colors that CND Creative Director, Jan Arnold whipped together for Costello’s latest showing. The cotton candy pink had a slightly dirty tinge that gave it some guts. So did the Barbie-lavender and faded blue jean colors. The heavy eyeliner looked like something Barbie might don if she was feeling tough that day.

The line sheet promised a show heavy on Ultra suede, which made us hopeful for some Halston like outfits. We were not disappointed.
The thumping rock beat and the models’ aggressive stride combined with no-nonsense grays and creams spoke of a strong confident woman. This woman’s strong and she’s also a sophisticated vixen who likes to wear stilleto heels [provided by Giuseppi Zanotti] a lot of Ultra suede and statement Swarovski crystal necklaces. When she does wear color, she’s bold about it and wears vivid sienna orange. She’s not much of one for prints, a mini toffee colored houndstooth print is as complicated as it gets. These designs show that you can produce a great dress with some artful draping in a way that’s immensely flattering to a woman’s curves.

To read more about this design duo and to view past collections, visit the official website,

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