23 Feb


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images at the Plaza, VGK
Images of Samantha Thavasa bags from the official website,

WHEN & WHERE: Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Plaza Hotel’s Edwardian Room, One West 58th Street

We arrived early and jumped on the chance to speak with TINSLEY MORTIMER, the designer of handbag line, SAMANTHA THAVASA. The Japanese brand chose well in selecting Ms. Mortimer as their spokesperson and designer, as she’s without doubt the most media-genic young socialite on the scene, and has been for the past 4 or 5 years. The Japanese company had been long-time admirers of Tinsley’s and in 2006, they approached her about designing a handbag with her own name on it.

THE FASHION EXAMINER: Congratulations, we just walked by your new store on Madison.
How’s your business doing?

TINSLEY: We just had a trunk show in Saks at Palm Beach, which was very successful and were very happy about the new Madison Avenue store – it’s the only one so far in the US.

TFE: What’s new on the line?

TINSLEY: The ruffles and perforated leather are new, it’s the one I’m carrying today. In general, it’s girly and feminine – what I love. It’s about creating bags that reflect my style, something I would truly wear.

TFE: Your nail polish is so Steven Sprouse!

TINSLEY: It was for a Japanese magazine’s photo shoot. I’ve been obsessed with it since!

ENDNOTE: We became obsessed with it too, and found satisfaction a few days later when we picked-up a tiny 0.5 bottle of SALLY GIRL polish in #812-158 aka “RAVE” at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It came cheap too, under $2.50, after tax.

SAMANTHA THAVASA’S US Flagship is located at 965 Madison Avenue, NYC
Tel: 800- 717-7132 OR 212-535-3920
PRICING: From $195 – $600, prices approximate.

To get a bottle of “RAVE”, visit

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