18 Feb


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images of Oribe & product, VGK
Images of Oribe’s fashion shoots in W, V Magazine, and Vogue Italia from respective magazine websites and Nytimesmagazine.com
Yes, we’ve had to wait a while for this line to come out, but it’s true that “good things are worth waiting for”.

We liked the old product line, Oribe had in the nineties – the impossible to get out glitter colored hair pomades and the pink pomade remover in pepto bismal pink that came in a dish soap container. All the products had fun cartoon-y labels of Oribe by New York based artist, Alvaro, on them, making them collectibles. [We still have ours – in green, and black in our medicine chest]. Alvaro’s gorgeous oversize fantasy paintings of Oribe and JLo and other nymphs as well as superhero cartoons of Oribe and friends are an integral part of the decor of the Miami salon.

A whole new color line with packaging that’s a cross between Hermes and Gianni Versace.

“Quality, not luxury. Luxury is out, it’s not what’s happening now”, says Oribe.

Although Oribe’s soft launching the product, thanks to his considerable clout in the industry, there’s already a full page editorial, with Christy Turlington no less, in January Vogue.

On a pre-Xmas holiday to Miami, after getting our hair dyed the same color as Victoria Beckham by Master Colorist David, we had the great good luck to chat with Oribe about some of the new products. Better still, he gave us a one-to-one tutorial on how to use them!

Oribe rubbed in a dollop of “Rock Hard” pomade in our hair, which gave it the spikiness we were after and a wallop of gloss.

Givaudian, the world’s largest maker of fragrances and flavors – “only the best of the best” said Oribe.

To shop the line & for more information, visit Oribe’s official website, http://www.oribesalon.com”>www.oribesalon.com
The Oribe Salon is located at 1627 Euclid Avenue @ Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida.
Tel: 305-538-8006

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